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Action Plan
At Sakura, we value your vision so much so that we bend our operations to help you achieve that goal. Whatever you are uncomfortable in selling on OnlyFans or recording, it is therefore uncomfortable for us. Big success accounts are ones with great power behind them and individuality!
Masterwork Management
We are unlike other agencies, when we decide to work with a creator we give them 110% focus and care. Our in-house US chatters make sure that promise is delivered. Every task it takes to run a seven-figure account is embedded in our sexter’s blood, focusing on creating personal connections with each fan and generating ~80% of the account’s revenue from messages and tips. A key pillar in our ethics as a team and service is making sure to uphold our client’s brand image through thick and thin.
Viral Marketing
We have taken dozens of creators over the six-figure monthly hurdle, from those times we found the equation to replicate the same results with any creator. It is only 3 factors, our in-house USA chatters mixed with your consistent content, and finally, our TikTok marketing strategy. Our obsession with attention to detail to the TikTok algorithm and how to go viral is somewhat unhealthy but it allows our creators to steadily get 100-250 subs a day!