Dick Rating Guide for OnlyFans Creators With Examples

What is a dick rating? How do you as an adult content creator on OnlyFans and rate dicks of your subscribers? This guide explains everything about dick rating with examples.
April 26, 2024
Dick Rating Guide for OnlyFans Creators With Examples

Are you an adult model looking to expand your revenue streams and make easy money? Do you know your subscribers would be happy to pay you in exchange for receiving your compliments on their dick? 

Dick rating is one of the most intriguing trends in the adult industry, and it has quickly captured the attention of adult models and male subscribers. It is an effective way of personalizing your relationship with your subscribers and making effortless money. 

dick rating Guide for creators

In this guide, we have gone into the details of dick rating service and how to review a cock professionally. Moreover, we have also shared average prices and examples to help you structure your reviews. So, what are you waiting for? Scroll down to learn everything you want to know about dick reviewing as an adult model.

Dick Rating: What Is It?

Just like women love hearing compliments on their physical beauty, men would love to hear someone praise their cock. However, getting a review of your dick’s appearance has never been easier than it is now. Dick rating has emerged as one of the most liked sexual services offered by adult creators, where they charge a pre-determined fee to review their client’s cock.

Millions of adult industry models on platforms such as OnlyFans, Fansly, and FeetFinder provide dick rating services to satisfy their customers. A dick review involves giving a numerical rating to your customer’s cock while discussing its specifics in an appealing manner.

Although the dick rating service has been recently introduced, you can add it to your menu to increase your revenue streams. However, in order to make maximum profits from your dick rating service, you must practice and master the art of satisfying your clients with your comments and compliments. 

Reasons to Include Dick Rating to Your Adult Service Menu

As an adult creator, you must evaluate the profitability and reasons to include any service in your menu. Therefore, in order to assist you in making a thoughtful decision, we have listed below the reasons to offer dick rating service to your subscribers:

  • An Additional Revenue Stream: Although it is one of the most obvious reasons, it is worth mentioning. Dick rating is one of the easiest methods for converting cash from your client’s pockets to your bank account. All you need to do is compliment their cock and make easy money.
  • A Source to Boost Fan Engagement: As an adult model, you always search for methods to engage your fans and keep them entertained. Including a dick rating service in your seller account is an interactive method of involving your client and establishing long-term relationships.
  • Helps You Stand Out: In a sea of millions of creators, introducing a new service like cock rating is an effective method to help you stand out. The more personalized and unique services you provide, the greater your chances of attracting new subscribers.
  • A Personalized Service: Dick rating is a form of custom service and you can charge whatever fee you like for it.

Exploring The Various Types of Dick Rating Service

Types of dick rating? This may have surprised you a little, but yes, there are various types of dick reviews that models give based on their client’s preferences. Therefore, before you start writing or recording your comments on your client’s dick, consider asking about the type of dick review they are looking for.

Below is an explanation of the common types of dick ratings that your subscribers might expect:

1. Honest Dick Review

This type of dick review is most common among clients. As the heading suggests, in an honest dick review, your client expects you to deliver your genuine thoughts about their dick. However, when a client expects an honest review, consider giving more positive compliments to boost their self-confidence. 

But, remember not to include excessively flattering comments to avoid giving the impression that it is a fake review. For example, if a client has a medium-sized penis and you start calling it massive, it will only make you appear phony.

2. Flattering Review or Dick Worship

If your client wants to hear everything good about their cock you have to keep your judgemental side aside. All you have to do is praise their dick pictures or videos and talk like their cock is the best thing you have seen in a long time. Make flattering comments about their cock and express your desire to hold it in your hands.

If the dick-worship comments do not spill naturally out of your mouth, consider taking inspiration from online examples, dick-worship scripts, and videos. Although this type of dick review is rare, you must be prepared to deliver it beforehand.

3. Small Penis Humiliation (SPH) or Disgracing Reviews

For anyone in the adult porn industry, the BDSM or Findom fetish is nothing new. It is a kink where one partner dominates the other as part of a sexual partner. The submissive gains satisfaction by living under the influence and dominance of his domme. Small penis humiliation or SPH is a sub-category of the BDSM kink where submissive men love hearing disgracing comments for their cocks.

When a client requests a SPH rating for their dick, all you need to do is mock it. Regardless of the original appearance of your client’s cock, you must only humiliate it to satisfy your partner’s sexual kink.

What Factors To Determine When Rating or Reviewing a Cock

In order to give professional-level dick reviews, you must take care of noticing all the factors and details of your client’s cock. Here is a list of characteristics that you must take note of when rating a dick:

  1. Length: One of the most noticeable factors in a man’s cock is its length. The longer, the better.
  1. Girth or Thickness: The next most important and significant factor is the thickness or circumference of your client’s cock.
  1. Cleanliness: The hygiene and maintenance of your client’s dick must also get rated. For example, a shaved dick is usually better rated than a hairy one.
  1. Appearance: Of course, anyone would rate a rock-hard and erected dick better than a flaccid one.
  1. Notable Characteristics: When giving a detailed review, do not forget to mention your client's dick’s notable features like balls, head, any visible veins, moles, etc.
  1. Quality of Content: The quality of dick images or videos sent by your client also counts. Cock images that are clear and high-quality usually get a better rating than blurry ones. 

A Step-by-Step Process of Giving a Dick Rating or Review

Now that we have learned the benefits of offering dick reviews on your seller profiles, let’s see how the entire process happens. Here is a step-by-step guide you must follow to make money by giving dick reviews:

Step One: Introduce Dick Rating as a Service to Your Audience

Once you have decided and practiced giving dick reviews, it is time to introduce it as a custom service to your subscribers. Regardless of the service you introduce to your clients, consider announcing it through different methods to maximize the response from your fans. Some methods include adding the service to your menu card, sending mass messaging, or adding it to your profile’s bio section. 

You can also announce the dick rating service on your social media channels to increase the chances of gaining new subscribers.

Step Two: An Interested Client Approaches You In DMs

Once you have announced your new service, it is time to sit back and wait for a client to approach you. Remember that you must not force any client to buy a service from you and only encourage your clients by discussing its perks. 

Step Three: Confirm Your Availability and Service Charges

Once a client has approached you, it is time to discuss your availability and when you will deliver a review. Moreover, discuss your pricing and whether you require a dick picture or video for a review. Consider that you can also bundle up cock ratings with other customized services or offer a free dick rating to new subscribers. Using these techniques, you can boost fan engagement and increase your chances of gaining new subscribers.

Step Four: Ask For Cock Pictures or Videos from Your Client

After the agreement, request clear dick images from your client. Although it is up to the buyer whether to send static images or videos, please share if you have any specific requirements. Some clients would send their dick images with a measuring scale or tape to help you analyze the length and girth.

You can also ask the client if they want a specific type of review. Making everything clear can help you deliver satisfactory comments and increase the chances of them coming back for more personalized services.

There are a lot of Couple OnlyFans creators who make money selling content. You can also do dick rating as a couple.

Step Five: Share Your Review

After assessing all the significant factors like the length, width, circumference, hygiene, and overall appearance of your client’s dick, it is time to pen it down. The best part about giving dick reviews is that there are no hard and fast rules to follow. All you need to do is assess the provided images and review them based on your preferences and perspectives.

How Much To Charge For Your Dick Rating Services? 

The price you charge for a dick review depends on various factors like the platform you are working on, your experience level, and your popularity. However, to give you an idea, we have listed the average price for a dick review service below:

  • Written or manual dick review: In this type of dick review, the model writes a few paragraphs describing her assessment or impressions of her client’s dick. The average price for a written dick review ranges between $5-$15.
  • Audio dick review: In an audio review, you must record everything you notice about the dick. When recording audio, consider using a sexual tone and using your client’s name to give a personalized effect. The price for an audio dick review ranges between $10-$25.
  • Video dick review: This is the most intimate and profitable style of dick review. In a video review, you sit in front of the camera and record yourself describing your client’s dick in a sexy way. The fee for a video dick review starts at $25 and goes up to $50.

Examples of Dick Review

Below are some examples of well-written dick reviews:

Honest Dick Review

Hi. I have taken a detailed look at your cock and I must say it is well-groomed and quite impressive. The length of your sexy cock is every woman’s dream; however, the thickness is average. I must say that your dick is a solid 8.5/10. 

Flattering Dick Review

Thanks for letting me have a look at the sexiest dick out there. The length and girth of your erected dick have already made my panties wait and I cannot imagine what it feels like to have it inside. Truly speaking, I envy every woman who had a chance to ride that monster between your legs. 

Small Penis Humiliation (SPH)

Hello, micropenis. Your dick is so disgusting that I couldn’t keep looking at it any longer. The size of your mini cock looks smaller than my toe and thinner than my pinky finger. I am wondering if it can fit inside a pussy or if you already cum outside.

P.S. The Ultimate Dick Rate Guide For Creators

In the vast world of the pornographic industry, dick rating is an interactive method of communicating with your subscribers while making extra money. By giving personalized comments to your clients, you can establish a deeper bond with them and keep them coming back to you. However, remember to choose your words wisely and do not pass any comment that would hurt the recipients.

We sincerely hope this comprehensive guide has helped you understand the nitty-gritty of rating cocks as an adult creator. 

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Dick Rating Guide for OnlyFans Creators With Examples
Dick Rating Guide for OnlyFans Creators With Examples

What is a dick rating? How do you as an adult content creator on OnlyFans and rate dicks of your subscribers? This guide explains everything about dick rating with examples.

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