OnlyFans Marketing Agency Sakura Management

Leading Virtual OnlyFans Management Agency.
A one-stop-shop for your success as a content creator.

Don't work IN your business but ON it.

Customer Relation Management

We develop personalized connection relations with every single customer while maintaining your brand image. Our goal is to turn every single fan into a super-fan who is a consistent super-spender.

Compounding Revenue

Our team’s core strength is compounding your revenue, usually doubling to quadrupling your current monthly revenue. This is due to our in-house sexters who understand the culture of OnlyFans well alongside a mix of a physiological drive to boost sales!

Content Management

All you need to do is send us the content we tell you to. Everything else is taken care of by us. Our copywriters and content managers take care of captions and call-to-actions to maximize payment and tips.

1. Micro-Analyzation to Success

We’re equal parts strategists, chatters/sexters, and consulting firms all rolled into one.

We seek first to understand what’s driving (or hindering) growth within your account and how we can unlock growth opportunities to take your revenue to where it belongs.

2. We Boost Your Earnings

Our team develops a personal connection with each fan while at the same time generating revenue.

This system allows for building loyalty, a super fan army, while simultaneously creating sales throughout the process.

3. Life of Leisure

Our main goal at our management is to make sure that you have a life of luxury & leisure!

You’re ONLY task is to create content.

We handle all the heavy lifting without you having to lift a finger.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is your current pricing?

Our pricing structure is case to case as different creators need different attentions and needs. We start off services at 35% of recurring net revenue. All our contracts are monthly;  no long-term contracts.

How can Sakura work for me?

Sakura Management provides creators with a thorough dialysis from A-Z on their account for maximum growth. Our chatters are highly vetted, trained, and adapt to your specific workflows.

Are there any starting fees?

No starting fees at all. We pride ourselves on the fact that we do not have any hidden fees; everything is transparent!

Will my privacy and confidentiality be protected?

We prioritize privacy seriously and strictly enforce our policies to protect your confidentiality. We use multiple amounts of software to make sure that your account is bulletproof!